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Concept Art

Art: Dave Fraser

If you qualify for this elite 24 month training program, you will receive all the tools, techniques, training, skills and strategies required to build a high quality concept art portfolio and get hired as a concept artist in the entertainment industry.

This is a very intensive training where you will develop your design and illustration skills while working in an industry environment, under the direct supervision of an instructor who will act as your art director.



24 Months*



1215 Hours*

An education in
Concept Art

Design Fundamentals

Digital Techniques

Industry Experience

Careers in
Concept Art

After graduating with a cutting-edge skill set, industry connections and a killer portfolio,
you will have the following concept art career paths open to you:

character design concept art

Art : Remko Troost

Character Designer

Design iconic characters for the next generation of games, movies and TV shows that engage your audience and connect them emotionally to the story.

generalist concept art

Art: Elton Lo

Environment Designer

Become proficient at visually communicating your designs and integrating photographic elements into your work-flow. Understand human and animal anatomy in-depth so you can create convincing creatures and characters.

pro and vehicle concept art

Art : Sean Bigham

Prop and Vehicle Designer

Design the technology from which a fictional universe is built. From spaceships and futuristic gadgets to war chariots and magical artifacts, you build worlds that enthral and inspire!

creature design concept art

Art : Jianlu Wu

Creature Designer

Design captivating creatures that terrify or delight audiences as you connect with their deep subconscious fears and desires, and explore what it means to be human.

environment design concept art

Art : Christian Robert de Massy

Concept Art Generalist

Work on a variety concepts so you can design the look and feel of many interconnected parts of a fictional world to support the story and art direction.

Art : Tomas Muir

Other careers

  • Art Director

  • Colour Key artist

  • Costume and set design

  • Matte painting

  • Commercial and cover Illustration

  • Storyboard art

  • Architectural pre-visualization

  • Graphic design

  • Game asset art

  • Texture art our school a good fit for you?

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