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Cestar Collège - Syn Studio

"Great artists are NOT born

They are made"

At Cestar Collège - Syn Studio, we believe in the power of training over talent. Since 2007, we’ve been helping passionate and dedicated students master the fundamentals and learn high level design and digital illustration skills: The skills they now use professionally to create mind-blowing concepts and visuals for the next generation of entertainment media.

at World-Renowned companies including:

Cestar Collège - Syn Studio was ranked
The #1 School in North America for Concept Art and Illustration 3 Years in a Row
by The Rookies

Our instructors

Concept art is a quickly evolving field so it is critical that you learn from professionals who are working in the industry right now (and not five or ten years ago). Over a dozen top concept artists teach part time at Cestar Collège - Syn Studio so you can be directed, corrected, coached and mentored by the best in the industry right now!

  • Christian Robert de Massy

    Concept Artist, Behaviour Interactive

    Christian Robert de Massy is one of the film industry’s best kept secrets. He’s been working for the last 8 years as a freelance concept artist and illustrator on films such as X-Men: Days of Future Past, Snow White and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. All without ever having put any artwork online (until now). He’s known for his incredible speed and the beauty of his environment paintings and he’s a popular teacher here at Cestar Collège - Syn Studio.

  • Sean Bigham

    Concept Artist, Behaviour Interactive

    Sean Bigham is senior concept artist at Riot Games. Sean has worked for a variety of high profile clients including Digital Extremes, Activision and Atomic Cartoons. His designs have been featured in Warframe, Halo 4 Champions DLC bundle, Prototype 2 and other various unannounced projects.

  • Remko Troost

    Concept Artist, Behaviour Interactive

    Remko Troost has over 15 years of industry experience and is currently a Senior Concept Artist at Ubisoft Montreal. His designs appear in numerous AAA titles such as Far Cry 3, Assassin’s Creed III and Assassin’s Creed Unity. His expertise in digital painting and concept art has been recognized with numerous awards and his work has been featured in prestigious art publications from Ballistic Publishing, Titan Books, Imagine FX, 2D Artist Magazine and Computer Arts. His is also an experienced and passionate instructor and we’re excited to have him on the Cestar Collège - Syn Studio team!

  • Pierre Raveneau

    Concept Artist, Behaviour Interactive

    Pierre Raveneau is a senior concept artist at Ubisoft Montreal where he is working on an unannounced project. Prior to this, Pierre has worked for companies like Gameloft Madrid and Ubisoft Halifax on games such as Gods of Rome, Asphalt Xtreme, Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak and other unannounced projects. In addition to this, Pierre has also worked on several freelance projects for companies such as Square Enix, Applibot, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Alderac and Fantasy Flight Games, among others.

  • Eric Manella

    Concept Artist, Behaviour Interactive

    Eric Mannella is an award winning fine artist and the co-founder of Atelier de Brésoles. Eric holds an MFA cum laude from the New York Academy of Art and is an inspiring teacher, having taught students of all ages for over 20 years. Eric has given artist talks and painting demonstrations at Concordia University, S.U.N.Y. New Paltz, and Algonquin College, been a juror for the Pastel Society of Eastern Canada and was featured in the 2007 documentary film L’Art du Nu. In addition to this, he is also the recipient of a Forbes Foundation Travel Grant, the Prince of Wales Scholarship from the Prince of Wales Foundation and a merit scholarship from the New York Academy.

Our instructors have designed the characters, creatures, environments, props and vehicles for your favourite movies and games such as:

  • Belle Bete

Cestar Collège - Syn Studio instructors and alumni are designing the characters, creatures, environments, vehicles and props for the world’s most exciting and top secret AAA video games and blockbuster films!


Cestar Collège - Syn Studio is an accredited private college. Our accreditation is at the highest possible level: the accrediting body being the Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur du Québec (MES) We are the first and only school in Quebec that is licensed to give an AEC in Concept Art. The degree given is an attestation of college studies (AEC) and is an internationally recognized professional degree. Receiving the AEC signifies that the student is ready to enter the job market as a concept artist.

Special thanks

Cestar Collège - Syn Studio wishes to thank the dozens of top concept artists and educators worldwide who met with us to advise us in the creation of an elite concept art training program. In particular, we wish to give thanks to the legendary concept artist and world renowned educator Scott Robertson for generously donating his time and sharing his expertise with us on several occasions. We’d also like to thank the following artists and educators, mentioned in the “special thanks” sections of our application to the Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur du Québec (MES), who officially participated in the process of developing and evaluating our program and application for accreditation.

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