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Cestar Collège - Syn Studio
Concept Art School

Do you want to be a concept artist?

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It is very competitive...
Are you good enough?
Only the most skilled make it as
concept artists. You need serious training
from industry professionals.

  • elton
  • remko
  • jianli wu artwork
  • Christian Robert de Massy
  • nicolas vallet artwork
  • pierre raveneau artwork
  • miguel mendez artwork
  • sean bigham artwork

We all want our art to be the perfect translation of the visions
in our minds. We want the ability to create images that exhibit
our true potential. But, we all need to ask ourselves, "What can I
do to take my skills to the highest level?"

  • You can seek out a true master artist and take lessons from them.

  • You can surround yourself with like-minded artists on the path to mastery.

  • You can learn the latest techniques from the top artists working in the industry.

  • You can get honest feedback on your work from a professional.

  • Solve the problems you’re struggling with.

  • Identify and correct the issues you may have overlooked.

Then you
can build

an amazing
and raise
your chances of
getting hired

And what if a great
portfolio isn't enough?

You need to be where the action is in one of the entertainment capitals of the world.


This is EXACTLY what you will get
and where you will be as a student in
the Concept Art AEC (NTL.1A) at
Cestar Collège - Syn Studio in Montreal, Canada.

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